Thursday, April 21, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday

Meri hosts SHARE THE JOY every Thuursday
So this post today is filled with some really cool links 
I hope you will enjoy. 
I try not to share crappy stuff, just the cool shit 
I think you might like, 
since I already think you like being here!! 

painting by Dana Gray

Tomorrow is Earth Day. 
This video has some amazing footage of Human Earth

This has become my new, calm, gentle way to start my day
by listening to Mantra Music: by Snatam Kaur

Do you love Def Poetry as much as I do? 
Listen to this message to a daughter
Just in time for Mothers Day
 I can listen to this line over and over..
 "There is nothing more beautiful 
than the way ocean refuses 
to stop kissing the shoreline 
no matter how many times it is sent away."

Do you have a Muse? 

 I bought this here

and finally, this is my Etsy Treasury "FREE TO FLY".

Have a JOYfilled Thursday


rebecca said...

"There is nothing more beautiful
than the way ocean refuses
to stop kissing the shoreline
no matter how many times it is sent away."

this spoke straight to my heart, as do you dear friend.

(my word verification glowmore, shall we??!!)


ayelment said...

Yes -- let's all glow more!

Meri said...

Oops -- Gavin was signed in on my computer, so that was really me enthusing about glowing!

Kim Mailhot said...

Beautiful joys, Lovely One ! I have so many muses in my world. You are one...
Light and love !

Unknown said...

You have collected JOY! that spills all over me...

the music link is my FAVORITE artist from yoga, as soon as I heard her voice my breath slowed...

happy day friend,

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore your muse.
Mine is a Sangoma. Sangomas are traditional healers in the Zulu tradition. My depiction of my Sangoma is actually from an old LP cover from Miriam Makeba. I love her expression on the cover. I have a little picture of this image on my bedside. She is my chosen mother, muse and protector.
Love from Eva
Here is a link to the picture:

Annie Jeffries said...

Love the Dana Gray art work you posted, Rebecca.

Dawn Elliott said...

Yup, it' all VERY cool shit! Love your choices! Happy Earth Day!

Shanae Branham said...

I followed you over from "Share the Joy Thursday". It is really cool the way you shared some wonderful links!