Thursday, May 26, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday

I am going to make Eggplant Zucchini Almond Pesto today 
with this GINORMOUS Eggplant from a friends garden!

what will bring you JOY today? 
Come visit Meri and share your joy with us!


Meri said...

That thing is HUGE! Are you sure it isn't a ceramic cookie jar?

Olivia said...

Nature in all Her beauty! What a gorgeous eggplant! Blessings, Olivia

Anonymous said...

you know we SEE you everywhere...we're always seeing some sprite, happy, bright woman that reminds us of YOU!!

The eggplant color looks amazing against that bright blood orange dress...and I'm sure the pesto will be fantastic!

Eryl said...

That is the biggest eggplant I've ever seen! I love eggplant – we call it aubergine here in the UK, but I really like your name.

tami said...

Wow! ginormous is right. I have never seen such a gorgeous eggplant - love the color against your dress!

Miss Robyn said...

wow. a huge eggplant. I didn't a have any luck with them this year...too much rain

and you must be one of THE most beautiful souls that I have stumbled across.. I have a handful who really touch my soul, just by the energy.. and you are one - thankyou xo

rebecca said...

i love the red of you behind this purple joyful treasure.

so how was it???

foxysue said...

Thanks for this Deb, it looks delicious, had to search google images to find out what a zucchini is, I think we call them courgettes, LOL, will have to try!

Sue x

mouse (aka kimy) said...

yum - eggplant pesto - thanks for sharing the recipe along with your joy!!

thanks for the joy you share with each of your wdd posts!!

i'm definitely joining this movement!