Monday, October 3, 2011

dear camera

Dear Camera,

I am sorry you feel so neglected.
But my hands have been so busy chopping, slicing, dicing, sauteing, making, baking and selling.

I am ready to return to you for focusing, clicking, editing and posting.


rebecca said...

dear deb and her camera,

if only we had all been there having the sumptuous delight of the pony tailed you feed our happy bellies,
perhaps we would not miss you and your camera here in the ephemeral world of the blogsphere quite so much!

fabulous shot proving the romance of eye,hand, camera is alive and well...

welcome back!

Marit said...

Dear camera, tell your boss/colaborator that she better give you some attention 'cause her blogreaders miss the gorgeous photos she makes you take.

beth said...

lucky for us... our cameras don't take things personally :)

well i guess if they got dropped on the floor that would piss them off, but other then that, we're good :)