Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hungry Gypsies and Happy Bellies

 Southern Pecan Pimento Cheese Sandwich

 Happy Belly Muffins loaded with bran, flaxseed, 
apples, carrots, nuts and raisins OH MY!

Granola Goodness

So much to tell, but for now, 
here is a glimpse of our busy days at Happy Belly...

HGTV is in town for 3 months filming a series 
featuring The Junk Gypsies
and we have been catering their lunches
and they stopped by one day to 
film the girls on a lunch break

It's a wrap!

Series will broadcast for 13 weeks beginning March 2012


Deb at 'The Belle' said...

Now the world is going to know how fabulous Happy Belly is!!

d smith kaich jones said...

cannot WAIT to see you, and how lucky the Gypsies, to leave with such happy bellies!!


Dianne said...

Oooo what fun! Can't wait to see the series!

rebecca said...

you have to be hearing my squeals of delight for you and matt all the way from the mountains of prescott!!!

let the good times roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beth said...

wait. now you're famous. how cool is that. and i can say i knew her when :)
love ya !!

beth said...

oh AND i've eaten those muffins of yours and that granola....those are some lucky people eating YOUR food !!

windrock studio said...

Oh, man! your food looks fabulous! and it looks like y'all were having lots of fun, too!

mandy l. smith said...

Oh, I wish I could reach into your blog and pick that food. I can even smell it. Such a wonderful opportunity for you! Glad that you are enjoying your transition in the country :).

Lyn said...

Do you deliver" PLEASE! I want one of those pimento cheese sandwiches!!