Sunday, October 16, 2011


My Saturday of packing and moving turned into a magical event when I was asked by two beautiful women, Amie and Jolie, 
the Junk Gypsies to come do a photo shoot in their 
junky barn....hmmm, packing vs playing??
Well, ya don't have to kick this horse twice, so I kicked off 
my crappy shoes, dirty t-shirt fell onto the floor 
and I took the fastest shower since I was 7 years old 
at summer camp, when we were required to take 
3 minute showers!!

These two sisters shine from the inside out
and their beauty radiates some sort of Angelic aura 
that is a combination of glitzy gypsy glam, vintage ripped 
denim country and simple sweetness!
Up until now of my time spent with them has been 
on yoga mats,  dancing in the gravel or noisy local cafes.
But on this day, I witnessed the family business behind the scenes. 
Mom and Dad were always nearby to run gather props, 
extra boots and earrings. The family vibe was genuine
and I sensed the love about each one of them all day long.

Grab your sunglasses because 
"their future's so bright, ya gotta wear shades"
They are filming locally for HGTV series
and HGTV Magazine 
spreading the Junk Love

Gypsies never leave home without them


d smith kaich jones said...

love, love, love!!!

rebecca said...

bravo on follow your heart!

Hashi said...

What wonderful photos! You have captured their gypsy spirits :-)

windrock studio said...

So fun and lovely ... good for all you gals!

kt40s said...

WOW WEE! deb i love these your photo power is bursting! I love their spirit it shines right through.

kerin rose said...

gorgeous girls, and GORGEOUS photos, Deb!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hey Deb, i love this, great post!

Dianne said...

I'm such a huge fan of these girls! And you were able to enhance their beauty even more in your photos! That's not an easy feat... they are already so beautiful...

Cheryl said...

I think it's so cool that you get to photograph angels and gypsies on the same day! Way cool!

Amy said...

Deb, these photos are *so great*! Just gorgeous. And those wings are perfection. xoxo

trash talk said...

You captured their gypsy souls with your camera.
Good grief...can these girls ever look bad in a photo?

Gayle said...

These gals are great and you captured that.....can't wait for their show.'re no slouch your look cute and HAPPY!!!!!

I'm a Late Bloomer said...

I absolutely, positively, for sure loved these photos. You caught their personalities.

JunK GyPSY said...

dearest my sweet wonderful, inspiring deb!!! thank you truckloads and truckloads for such a wonderfully kind blog! we feel so honored to have you as a friend!
and bigggggg thanks to everyone for such sweet words before we embark on our biggest adventure ever!
we promise to make y'all proud!
jolie & amie & janie sikes

Kathleen Barnes said...

Fabulous! I LOVE the Junk Gypsies and want to run away from home and BE one. You got to do it for a day. Lucky girl!

Teteel said...

Excellent photos!!!
The women are soooo beautiful and shiny and you have captured great moments!!!

Unknown said...

They are beautiful women but your photos captured the gypsy feel and light.

nice job!!