Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mom and Jack

this is my morning view everyday, as I sip coffee with Mom and Jack.
We live three doors down, but somehow this similar routine feels like home to me.
He reads the Sunday funnies on Tuesdays
She is the Queen of Crosswords and Sudoku
He fixes things that ain't broke
Life is good. 
  Full of love and laughter.....
   and some interesting stories...over and over.

He reminds us every night that Merritt Island is surrounded by water, that's why we do not have bad storms.
He jumped off 57 foot towers, ate worms,  hates eggplant, oysters and the weather in Pennsylvania.
Wait a minute...I have already told you these stories, right??

how about last week when he and Mom were enjoying a leisure walk around a local park. 
He declared he needed to find a bathroom, so they piled back up into the car, drove to the nearest bathroom. When Mom stopped the car, he said " I'll just wait for you here"

We laugh. We love. And we are all here together.


rebecca said...

dear winged heart,
you have landed smack dab in the center of perfect. yep, i think this is exactly what one refers to as being in the right place at the right time.
the palm trees and the ocean part are fringe benefits to this perfect circle of love.


Unknown said...

So wondetful to share this time with them! My 86 yr old mother lives with me and I cherish this time with her! They are so cute together!

Anonymous said...

could you two look anymore alike? In your big beautiful smiles and BIG energy!!

Bonita Rose said...

Loved this post. You are exactly right where you belong. xo

Unknown said...

So beautiful. You have reminded me of the joy of sipping coffee with my mom and papi on their front porch early every morning before I moved so far away. Thanks, have a great week.

robin. said...

so glad you are there for these moments deb. memories held in your soul. xx.

Misti said...

We heard the similar story about the Merritt Island area not having bad storms when we lived in Melbourne---then the summer we left to move to Miami (2004) the Space Coast was hit with two hurricanes (Jeanne and Frances).

I love the simplicity of your story though, the reading of the paper, the routines...