Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Listen to the silence

Five days ago this tent was filled with hundreds of people, 
thousands of dollars , tons of furniture, miles of vintage fabrics, 
buckets of trinkets cases of silver and turquoise jewelery. 
But now the circus is leaving town, and I stopped to sit, soak in the silence. This tiny little town of 77 experiences an influx
of 3000 Antique dealers from all over the world.
Shoppers, collectors, designers and even a few celebrities arrive
to purchase truckloads and enormous containers 
of merchandise. They are now gone. This field will be empty soon. 
The grass will need mowing in a few weeks. 
And the birds and butterflies and ants and beetles 
will reclaim their playground. 


foxysue said...

Beautiful post!

Sue x

beth said...

i think the new silence would be a welcomed gift....

mouse (aka kimy) said...

wow what a wonderful blog you got going here...thanks for dropping in on the mouse and leaving a delicious crumb, otherwise i would have never discovered your space here!

your photos JUMP out so alive and joyous!

i will be adding you to the mouse's blogroll - otherwise, with my swiss cheese mind, odds are i'll get distracted and not be back.

how are the bluebonnets coming along this year?

Kim Mailhot said...

Bravo for a job well done and for stopping now and enjoying the silence.
Hugs, Honey !

windrock studio said...

Oh, man! I bet this was so much fun! hard work, too, to feed a whole lot of hungry people. I'm sure y'all are going to enjoy some rest and quiet ...
til the next adventure!
Take care, girlie

rebecca said...

i love the thought of you leveling out...
in the slant of light and forgiving silence.
i have placed myself beside you
in the quiet...

Anonymous said...

What an experience...and what an onslaught of activity for your tiny town.
So happy it was a success!