Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Finally Me"

My friend Meri has launched her new website 
and today I am featured on the front page!
photo by Meri Arnett Kremian

Will you please link here to visit 
and return as often as you like 
to be inspired.

Meri says,
"Our target audience is women of substance,
intelligence, wisdom and experience
 who are continually growing 
and responding with grace

We're posting articles on relationships
 (marriages, live-ins, friendships, family)
(empty nest, menopause, deaths, divorce, 
caring for parents, having kids come back home, 
mid-life dating...

~and mind-body-spirit stuff~

We're concentrating on women's passions...
like travel, books, films, photograph"


kerin rose said...

great site....I checked it out!...congrats to you and Meri!!!!!! I will be back to visit her there...

Meri said...

Hi Deb -- you're really popular! There have been 224 visits so far today with hours to go and almost all of them read your Fascinating Woman profile. Woo hoo!

Annie Jeffries said...

I'm going to visit here next. The list of transition is long and familiar. I've been through many of them and I hope I am better for the experiences. Thanks for sharing.

Steve said...

Deb, Meri describes you exactly as I have you pictured in my mind! All the best, Steve

rebecca said...

loved your place in the burgeoning
new lovechild of meri, Finally Me.

BRAVO to all women of substance!