Friday, August 21, 2009

Deb Did It

Matt works at a family estate farm in Burton building arbors, mending old barns, fixing poolside rockwalls and repairing old wooden carts. They wanted it painted with the horn of plenty....ugh...I don't paint, I SEW. But with a lesson on how to paint Mexican flowers, I added my own splash of color and actually liked the results!!


Kim Mailhot said...

Fun though ! Like how it pops off the blue.
I took on a very different painting project of my own this morning all in the name of re-using what I have. Different and strange, and maybe a disaster but I am trying something new...I will probably post about it over the weekend.
I also have some sweet rock writing to do ! ;)
Happy Friday !

Brenda said...

Is there anything that you don't do? Darling cart! Great work done together!