Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pink Project #2

breast cancer. yep. we all know someone don't we? all I can do is this. I made a fun apron for this project, in hopes she will protect you from this invasive disease. and if you want to buy a raffle ticket for so many other prizes, you can PayPal Monica and for each $10 you get 2 spins at the wheel for a prize listed here. Click on the flyer page above to view it larger for the donation info.


girlgonethreadwild said...

oh DEB!!! I ran over here as FAST as I could to say YOU have me starry-eyed and DREAMING about the lucky GIRL who will wear your beauty down the kitchen runway!

Oh my goodness, your apron is GORGEOUS!!!

Has all my favorite colors..

Thank you for stitching GREATNESS and for fighting breast cancer with both your dukes up!! I'm glad I'm on your team..


Kim Mailhot said...

What a beautiful contribution to a beautiful and creative campaign ! Love the pink protection apron filled with Deb Did It LOve !!!!

(Thanks so much for the soul hug comments on the blog today, Lovely Wildflower Deb !)

rebecca said...

perfect protection,


Brenda said...

Precious! Love it! How sassy can an apron get!

Unknown said...

Fabulous!! I must go donate more $$$

thank you for the reminder!!