Monday, August 3, 2009

Texas Watermelons

Do you remember your parents telling you NOT to swallow the seeds, or melons will grow out your ears? and did you have seed spittin contests? and did you ever play greased watermelon football in the swimming pool at summer camp? and have you ever danced to this song? just like this? I HAVE ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! MAYBE IT'S A TEXAS THANG! last photo is my Great-Great Grandfather and my Great Grandmother and her father ~Two watermelons can not be held under one arm~ Turkish proverb


Kim Mailhot said...

These photos are sooooo great ! I just had a discussion with my two sisters about our watermelon adventures at our cottage way up north in Quebec, Canada. We used to throw one in the lake and play with it. Watermelons float and bounce pretty well for a while, and then they explode and split apart from the impacts. Then you take the pieces and make helmuts with them, don't you know ? And the sun fish love watermelon chunks for lunch. Who knew ? That's a deBroin Sister Thang ! (My maiden name)Viva La Watermelon ! Viva la Summer !

Anonymous said...

I like this Texas thang!! I don't know that I have ever seen watermelon so BIG!

great photograph of your great GREAT grandparents!!