Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday Window, coming & going

I seem to be chasing my own tail this week. Busy with custom sewing orders, new painting jobs, B&B guests, catering and cooking. I feel like I am flying thru my day, chasing my own self. My SP is one day late. That is OK with me. This season of my life allows me the freedom to move slower, dig deeper, play longer and stay later. So for now, I am enjoying the flight, even though I break the speed of light sometimes, my life is blessed, lucky, interesting, always changing, fun, and full of love. ~ flap flap~

“The divine spirit is a wild pinto kicking inside you. Let her run.” Kris Carr


Anonymous said...

great shot, deb!! xx s

Meri said...

WOW! Great shots, superb quote! Definitely not in the category of a day late and a dollar short.

robin. said...

amen to that Deb...let her run!!