Sunday, April 17, 2011

mi cocina

 Matt brings me sweet onions from a neighbors garden
Yesterday I spent all day in my kitchen...
chopping, sauteing, tasting, and  baking for a catering job.
roasted garlic 

my new best friend when I make Cilantro Lime Hummus 

My camera kept me company. 
I am passionate about food...whether I am eating it or preparing it.
This post makes me hungry.
 my handquilted recipe book

 the ants go marching one by one...

 love-notes from a friend left on the kitchen table


Maybe I will enjoy a glass of red wine with my morning Fritatta! Afterall, it is Sunday, another Postcard from Paradise!

Please grab a glass of whatever and join me and Rebecca for a postcard from Paradise!


Anonymous said...

I love Sundays. They are always very mellow at our house. What gorgeous onions by the way..


rebecca said...

oh to walk through clouds of savory aroma to find you like treasure in your soul kitchen.
thank you for filling my eyes with your beauty, my heart with your exotic love.

never stop being the radiant jOY that makes this world spin sweeter round.

windrock studio said...

Oh, my, girl ... your sweet sweet face, the beautiful, strong colors of your enchanting space are all so good for my eyes. I can imagine all the loving foods coming from here will be nourishing to body and soul.
Happy Sunday y'all!

windrock studio said...

p.s. - how are your neighbors doing?

foxysue said...

Thank you dear Deb for the sheer pleasure of visiting your colour filled tapestry of life.

Makes me a h-a-p-p-y b-u-n-n-y ;~)

Sue x

Karen said...

DEB!! Do you MAKE handquiled recipe books????........ please?

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Love your photos, your comments, and your passion for cooking.

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen simply SINGS with love and color...your dishes must be infused with these feelings and I can only imagine how GOOD it all is.