Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 12:Virgin a Day

 My dear friend, Laurie, randomly decided she needed to come visit us today for the weekend. She drove 3 hours. We hugged, sipped, laughed and all that. And because her jeans were adorned with our Virgin de Guadalupe I decided to honor the past twelve days with her hip-line...nuff said.
and one more thing...on this day I honor you, Laurie, as I celebrate my birthing date of Kyle Mackey Broughton,aka Scooter, because for a brief moment YOU were his surrogate mother, his "Mary"and my voice, my rock, my beloved friend. 

  This completes the Virgin a Day for 12 days.
Tomorrow I begin my own personal series of Peace a Day, until the end of this year.
Matt and I try to practice PEACE in every aspect of our life.
And I hope you will enjoy the walk with us into the following year...and always.


Annie Jeffries said...

Good evening, Deb. Looks like you have clocked in early for this final installment as well. And what a finale. The Virgin. An earth mother friend arriving in a flurry of surprise. Joyful memories of mothers and children. Nice way to end this.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Belt-buckle Virgin—
what a practical woman
in your holiness!

Like Candle Flame

Stephanie said...

How fortuitous is that!!! A belt buckle to show up on this 12th day.

Happy HAPPY birthday dear birth mother


Noelle Clearwater said...

A wonderful way to honor this day with the image from the tilma on your friend's belt buckle--a woman who means so much to you.

eb said...

all around...
or is that an oval?

BEautiful debdidit!

xox - eb.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Lovely story and lovely photos. Friends are the best! I'll be watching for your peace posts.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Wow, what an amazing journey this has been. How cool is that , that Laurie came to see you? With the most appropriate belt buckle to boot (too bad she didn't have those boots we saw earlier).
Let me know when your B & B is up and running again!

Peace be with you...

Spadoman said...

This is great! We've had an entire fashion show of boots, belt buckles and dresses, all with Guadaupe. Who knew there was so much out there, all shared by all ofnus connected on these blogs??!!
A wonderful end to this series. I like your Peace idea as Peace is always in season. Also a very nice tribute to your friend for what she means in ytour own life. Thanks for sharing all that you have during the past 12 days.


Ms. Moon said...

Lovely. Just perfect.

turquoise cro said...

Happy Birthday to Scooter!!What a beautiful belt buckle,I want one!!! Laurie is a beauty just like YOU, that picture of the two of you needs framed!!!((((Deb))))

foxysue said...

Sorry I'm late,

To say it's been a real pleasure to share such beauty with on-line friends, Thank you

Sue x

rebecca said...

hola mi amor....
not sure how my adoration of you could be missing from this post.
i left you a love note long ago!!!
so here is a new one.