Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Virgin a Day

Holy Protection.
Saintly Secrets.
Madonna Moments.
Virgins a plenty.

Folded hands, closed eyes, golden auras, draped linen and flowy gowns.
Candle-light, inscense, chanting, praying, singing.
Peace. Serenity. Calm. Motionless.
I was constantly surrounded by Holy Protection.
She was watching me from every corner, blessing each moment and guiding me into the next.
Regardless of ethnicity or religion, I fancy the notion that these beautiful Virgins provide a sense of safety and protection.

This was my favorite in a cemetary of San Miguel, Mexico.
And for the next 12 days I will share a Virgin a Day with Rebecca and others over here.


rebecca said...

thank you deb. for your beauty and light. for this journey we will share forever.....

and these next 12 days. slowing down, as most of the world around scrambles towards the 25.
we will take the time to reflect on love, light and peace.

and share our virgins.


Spadoman said...

I love this statue. It is full of beauty. I think I am most amazed by the artistic journey with the Virgin Mother the most, but other ideas are stimulating me as well. Very nice start to a great project.


Meri said...

My "virgin" post is more along Madonna's line -- Like a Virgin. But what I love about your post is that you've chosen the same statue that I put in my Playing Along post yesterday. That's what happens when two photo chicks walk around a cemetery together!

Unknown said...

yes!...she has such a calming presence, a sense that all will be well if we just hold each other in this collective light...


turquoise cro said...

Mary has such a BIG LOVE for all of us! Your post is SWEET like YOU!

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

She is GORGEOUS! I was thinking it was in a cemetery, but I have never seen one of that caliber in the cemeteries here.
And your writing brought tears to my eyes. Very moving.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post and beautiful virgin. Sure makes us think, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post and beautiful virgin. Sure makes us think, doesn't it?


Deb, these are stunning photos. You make me pine for San Miguel.

Noelle Clearwater said...

It is a stunning yet simple image of beauty and grace Deb. Peace, Light, Protection and Guidance are what we all need during this time. I see Mary as an amazingly courageous figure who accepted a challenge on faith that changed the life of a people. Lovely sentiments.