Tuesday, December 7, 2010

handmade love

Matt has been drawing some amazing pieces. 
Where the hell has all this talent been hiding, I asked?
Well, it doesn't matter...it's coming out now and I am loving it.

While I am sewing, making him a pencil bag, he was drawing lovenotes for me!

I used our tie-dyed silks and linens
Now I am making swirly things, maybe for a mini-art-quilt


Teteel said...

You two, are one of kind!
You create side by side and you make things for him and he, for you!!!
So much love there!
Matt's paintings are very good!
And i like very much your mini quilts.

Joanna said...

Wow--I just love those spiral quilt blocks.

beth said...

you do realize how much the two of you are meant for each other.....talk about talent !!!

now you both amaze me !!

kt said...

You guys are going to have to open a gift shop in your bed and breakfast! His drawing are wonderful! I love the quilt too! I could see each square as the most beautiful pot holders ever. I am a potholder geek I have them hanging on my kitchen wall as art pieces:)

foxysue said...

I'm loving the 'duo' talent!

Sue x

Anonymous said...

"Swirly things" are good.
So are the very private, ahem, personal, drawings :-)
Let's see you translate those in silk.

Unknown said...

oh your guy...so sweet!!

I am swept away in your swirl-ies...