Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 8 : Virgin a Day

 and I am painting her, too


Spadoman said...

Your paintings are ______________! I want to use other words besides Fantastic, Great, Beautiful, Magnificent, Wonderful. I could use a thesaurus.
I love your work.


turquoise cro said...

SWEET! Isn't this a blessing Deb?!! Don't YOU feel at peace when YOU are painting Mary??!!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Wide eyed eternal beauty gazing down at us and wondering how she can get her Son's good news out there so everybody "gets it."

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Each day you present us with another transformation that exceeds the other.
Do you sleep at all? These have all been fabulous! I love the words that Fran put to your painting too!

rebecca said...

could her lips be any redder? her heart more loving?
and those pools of knowing eyes.
thank you for your perfect offering.
i am so grateful for you in my life.


eb said...

each day you inspire
so lovely and spirited
oh YES! Deb did it...

xox - eb.

Noelle Clearwater said...

Beautiful Madonna. she looks so tender and compassionate. It is a feast for the eyes truly.