Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My daughter-in-law

Celebrate this day
Wife of Kyle. Daughter to me
Rachel, I love you

I celebrate this day of your birth. 
You have stood by my son, near and far, thick and thin.
We sheltered each other during his first deployment.
Now you are his wife, his lighthouse, his tether, his rock.
If this was not enough, I would love and adore you 
for simply knowing you.

Happy Birthday Rachel 


Texas Trash said...

not too many mother in laws pay tribute to their sons girl the way you do. what a sweet relationship! hb rachael!

rebecca said...

thank you deb....with all my heart.

rebecca said...

i have a link up gathering prayers, light and love for allegra.


Teteel said...

Happy birthday to Rachel!
Your relationship is sooo beautiful!
Much love to you, both.