Tuesday, December 14, 2010

winter laundry

I edited this photo to look like a cold, snowy day in Texas, 
since so many of you are buried in 7 inches, 7 feet..or worse.. 7 months of snow. 
But, me here in Central Texas is buried into 7 loads of laundry. And this is how it really looks!
and my feet are toasty as I walk on the crunchy brown grass,
and giggle as the temps are rising above 70 degrees today!


Gina said...

Fun photos! Enjoy your warm weather. Normally we're enjoying the same over here in South Florida but it froze last night!

beth said...

it's a good thing i love you.....cause that's just mean :)

Unknown said...

jealous!! We have no snow...only cold and brown...

I am soaking in this blue sky and colorful laundry!!


Annie Jeffries said...

70 degrees! I think I have forgotten what that feels like. Love the laundry pics, of course. What's not to like - colorful, free, exciting.